Did You Miss Your Golden Birthday?

Did You Miss Your Golden Birthday?

When I first heard about the concept of a Golden Birthday, my exact thought was “ oh no, not another significant day I forgot to celebrate”, well you see, I learned about the significance of a sixteenth birthday only after I turned sixteen. So there went another super celebration down the drain.
A number of people go all out to celebrate their Golden Birthday. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime birthday. It’s the most special day of all your special days. Well, this sounds confusing. So let me break down the concept of having a Golden Birthday for you, and let’s hope by the end of this article, you haven’t missed your Golden Birthday yet.

What is a Golden Birthday?

A golden birthday is a day when you turn the same age as the date of your birthday. Hence, if your birthdate is 4/08/1995 (dd/mm/yy), your golden birthday was when you turned four, similarly, if your birthday is 30/05/1994, your golden birthday was when you turned thirty, or when you are going to turn thirty.
If you are above the age of 31, you have definitely, sorry to say, missed your golden Birthday. But do you understand why you have missed it? It is because all months only have a maximum of 31 days. Hence, your Golden birthday falls on a birthday before you turn 31.
However, I have some good news for you….. A DOUBLE GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!!

A Double Golden birthday?

Did You Miss Your Golden Birthday?

To those of you who have missed your golden birthday, you still have a chance to celebrate your golden birthday. But, this one is a modified version for you. If you double the date of the day you were born, you get your double Golden Birthday. So if you were born on 18/9/1993, your golden birthday would be when you turn 36. However, if your birthday is on a day having single digits, you have possibly missed your double golden birthday as well.

Where did the concept of a Golden Birthday come from?

The credit for the concept of Golden Birthdays can be given to Joan Bramsch. Bramsch was an American author. Around the 1950s, she started celebrating the Golden Birthdays of her five children. This practice slowly spread to other families and managed to catch on. Soon enough, people all around the world started celebrating their Golden birthday.

What do you do on a Golden birthday?

Many of us usually celebrate our birthday to the fullest as it just comes once a year, and we can afford to make this day unique. So, if our birthdays are special already, how do we make our Golden birthday special. You could take a trip or you could use it to give back to society or the people you love instead of receiving something this time. There a lot of things you can explore on this special day. Here, are some of the ways you can make your golden birthday a little more special.
Birthday, or golden birthday, or double golden birthday are all special days you have. Enjoy is and cherish them for as long as you can.